A healthy dose of juice: Dose Juice

Fresh, cold-pressed juice. Right to your doorstep. Simple, right? Being healthy shouldn’t be a chore.

If you haven’t heard of Dose Juice, well, listen up. Because they’ve been shaking things up for the last 3 years.

A brand that originated in Montreal, Dose has been selling cold-pressed juices online since 2013. Using only organic fruits and vegetables, you can be assured that you’re getting the best quality cold-pressed juices. It’s a great way to get a quick and healthy dose of nutrients. Better yet, they’ve introduced their products into Whole Foods across Ontario and Quebec.

To those wondering, ‘why am I paying a premium for juice?‘ The reality of cold-pressed juices is that yes they are more expensive than your average bottle of concentrated juice. But what you’re getting inside is truly an investment to your body and it’s overall well being. Give it a try and I promise you’ll feel great!

But that’s not it.

As of recently, Dose has invested heavily in a new production facility strategically located in the heart of Quebec’s agricultural industry. Which not only helps local Quebecois, but also encourages healthier lifestyles that can be a result of increased organic food consumption.

Initiatives like this allow us to realize the importance of healthy food consumption. Shedding light on the ease of living a healthy lifestyle also shows us that it’s actually not that hard to be healthy. It shouldn’t be something that we do seasonally only to get ‘in shape’, but rather continuously in order for our bodies to stay strong!

Like what you see? Head on over to www.dosejuice.com to have a look at some exciting juices!

(My personal favourite was definitely Poire, which is simply: pear, ginger and lemon. Refreshing and delicious!)






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