A Short (Last Minute) List of Gift Ideas

Hey guys!

So yes, this is slightly last minute. But I know a lot of you are still desperately looking for gift ideas for Christmas and the holidays. I decided to compile a list of brands and products (for everyone) that are unique and exciting for you and your loved ones. You can even think beyond the holidays and transition these gift ideas into future seasons and upcoming holidays (hint hint: valentines day, for those who are huge on hallmark holidays)

I know a lot of guys who have no idea where to start when it comes to gifting, especially for women. Even if you’re not particularly interested in the specific suggestions below, these ideas will definitely inspire some sort of direction when it comes to picking up some last minute gifts!

If none of the suggestions below help, scroll down to read a few tips to keep in mind when considering: how and what to gift.


1. Lazypants

This brand does sweats, is really good at doing just that. From onesies to regular loungy pants, you’ll find something for him or her at this destination. The quality of their garments is also superior to your typical pair of sweatpants (they’re just sweats, I know), but it’s good to have a pair that can go a long way.

2. Kendall + Kylie

Who isn’t raving about this duo? Although I’m not particularly a fan of what they’re about, their collection is rather exciting and has a lot versatility when it comes to gifting for ‘her’. Their unique minimalistic pieces have a luxurious edge while maintaining simplicity.

3. Aurum Activewear

Their pieces are women only, but they add a fashionable edge to your typical workout pieces. I personally stand by my love for lululemon, but if you want to surprise her with a fashionable get-go for her new year’s resolutions, this is a great and unique choice!

4. Way of Will Natural Products

I came across this brand not too long ago at The Local (96 Ossington). I was amazed by their all natural options (deoderants, moisturizers, inhalers, etc.) and how everything is unisex! That means, there’s really no need of being picky when choosing their products. I’ve had a great experience with them thus far and highly recommend this for anyone willing to try natural skincare products at great value.

5. Links of London


Links of London has always been a brand that I’m a fan of. Yes, there are other quality brands like Tiffany & Co. and Birks that compare, however – they’ve always maintained their standards of simplicity and quality. Their new Infinite Love Collection has pieces that really stand out, especially for more romantic occasions!

Still Confused? Here’s a Quick Tip:

A simple thing to keep in mind is to put yourself in the giftee’s shoes. If they’re not quite as materialistic as you think, consider picking up something that can enable them to pursue their hobby or lifestyle, like a gym membership. Yes, this could come off wrong – but with a witty note and the right intentions, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. To add to that, think about what could potentially enhance their life. Are they complaining about not being able to keep their tie in place? Consider a tie bar! Are they bad staying motivated? Consider a planner (Cliché, but honestly true and helpful).

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