Aveda Men’s Preview at Civello

Hey Fellas!

So Aveda invited a few gentlemen (including myself) to test out the new Invati Men solution for thinning hair. I had a fantastic session at the Civello salon, since I was pampered like never before! The stylists and staff took really good care of me, and it was quite the experience, honestly.

On that note, there’s nothing wrong with getting pampered as a gent! A lot of fellas have this idea that they shouldn’t pay much attention to their physical well-being (beyond working out) because it’s ‘feminine’, but there’s really nothing wrong with it at all. I still feel like a million bucks.

I’ve also had trouble with a dry scalp (dandruff sometimes), so I was guided through a scalp massage and tips on how to maintain a healthy scalp. Turns out lotion and/or oil can be added to your hair to maintain moisture and sheen throughout the day. I honestly had no idea. I was simply attached to the idea of shampoo and shower daily. Boy was I wrong. In fact that does you more harm because the natural oils produced by your hair help maintain a healthy scalp!

Aveda’s Invati makes that simple. With a two step procedure, you’re able to maintain healthier and thicker hair. Better to take preventative measures than restorative ones, am I right?

Beyond all the knowledge I gained that day, I found that putting some effort into keeping my hair and scalp healthy isn’t such a bad idea. I don’t find the need to itch my head due to dryness as much! So the Invati products really do work! I’d highly recommend you give them a try. You can shop the products here!

As a final note, although you might be used to the salon experience, I’d say give it a try. I usually go to barbers (and it’s not bad at all, good chats and all) but it’s really an investment in yourself to get the full experience to understand how to continuously maintain your hygiene and well-being. It’s really more than just a haircut.


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