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Maintaining a beard, mustache, hair on your head, or skin in general can be a tough chore. It’s easy to pick up product off the shelf at your local drug store and use it religiously, but we never really know what’s inside the product – or it’s effects. I mean, don’t get me wrong, these go-to products get the job done and most are safe, but many men (like myself) prefer to use products with organic components. It’s a small step towards prolonging hair and skin health for the long term.

So with that in mind, I’ll be reviewing a brand of grooming products that I discovered not too long ago – and I have to say that I was impressed! It’s a brand that aims to maintain the small business structure for their business model in order to provide it’s consumers a quality product, all the time.

Ladies and gentlemen, Les Industries Groom. A company from Montreal, that has all natural grooming products.

I’ve been trying their products of the last 2 weeks, and they’re exceptional! What I noticed when using the product was the lack of residue after having the product in for a while. Even when you wash it out, it’s not hard to do so. Besides, the scents are all natural and not overpowering. The products mainly consist of seed oils and beeswax/honey, which are known for their benefits, so there’s always a light, sweet and relaxing scent in their product – which I found to be very appealing. The other ingredients used also complete the natural feel to the product (if you’re curious to know what exactly, the list of specifications is under every product on the website). This goes for all of the products I’ve tried so far (mustache wax, hair pommade, beard oil). It could be the placebo effect, but I’ve felt that my facial hair has softer and shinier in the last little while.

I’ve recommended 3 products below (based on my personal experience and usage) – but feel free to shop their entire collection here.

1. Mustache Wax

stash waxz

Trying to grow that perfect gentleman stache? Look no further. My problem with mustache waxes is that I dislike the residue that comes with washing it out. I found this to be better than the average wax out there.

2. Beard Oil


Smells great and feels great. As with all oils, it’s greasy when you apply, but I didn’t feel the need to immediately wash my hands afterwards – since the oils were very natural and well-scented. Furthermore, as mentioned above, after a few weeks of use, I’ve felt that my beard has gained a healthier sheen.

3. Hair Pommade


I’m a guy that doesn’t use hair product too often (due to my curly hair, it’s hard to tame, and often times it looks okay without any product), but I found this particular pommade very helpful in keeping my hair less frizzy. I apply only a little bit and it seems to do the trick. It’s also very easy to wash out in the shower, even without using shampoo.

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