Edgy Business Casual

Since the weather is getting better but still iffy at times, having a few light layers allows you stay comfortable without being too warm or too cold. This look can carry you through your busy day at school or work to a sudden night out, which means it is versatile for any occasion. As you may have noticed, the outfit revolves around the jacket being the focal point for attention. It adds a careless but refined look to any outfit you wear. If you’re not a fan of leather jackets, a colourful windbreaker or varsity jacket can work as a great substitute. Underneath I simply wore a white button up (no patterns to keep it simple) and layered it with a light v-neck pullover to maintain a chic business-casual look. Since black works well with any colour, you’re not limited to a small selection of colours, so go wild! I chose orange because it gave the plainness a bit of excitement. Slim black jeans or chinos work best to complete the look and you can work with a variety of different footwear. Rolling up the pants twice or three times (based on preference) further enhances the edginess of the look. I wore riding boots here, but you can wear runners and dress shoes as well because the look is versatile. So next time you feel that your outfit needs a little excitement, throw on an edgy jacket!





Photos taken by Ala.

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