Experiencing the Rogers Cup | Tennis Appreciation

Let me start off by saying that the Rogers Cup was amazing this year!

It was more than just tennis. Yes, I was excited to watch the sport and see professionals do what they do best, but the atmosphere and the variety of activities there were phenomenal. For those wondering what the Rogers Cup is (in case you’re still confused): It is a prestigious professional tennis tournament held by Tennis Canada that has been around since 1881 for men and 1892 for women – and it hosts the best players in the world. Toronto hosted the women’s competition this year and I had the opportunity to see Venus Williams play against Irina-Camelia Begu, a match that simply blew me away.

While walking around before the big match that day, I had some time to explore some of the booths at the Rogers Cup. There were various courts you could play tennis at for fun, as well as ping pong tables and tennis themed photo ops. National Bank had some really cool things going on – such as Neuro-Tennis, which was a headset that allows you to control a tennis game with your brain (it really blew my mind). There was also an elegant rooftop patio with a live DJ, which was the perfect way to relax while enjoying a few mocktails. After all the walking around, it was nice to unwind here and listen to my music playlist through The Hub app.

What I really appreciated was an initiative by National Bank called On the Ball, which takes used tennis balls and transforms them into chair slippers (remember elementary school?) to create better environments for children to learn in.

“By distributing tennis balls to schools and school boards in Quebec and Ontario, the balls are transformed into chair slippers, which reduce the distracting noise produced by chairs and increases student concentration. Since the inception of the program, over 1.4 million tennis balls have been collected and approximately 350,000 students assisted.”

An Homage to Tennis Style

I wanted to finish off with some appreciation for tennis. Tennis is a great sport – it doesn’t require much ‘sports’ IQ to understand and it’s rather fun to play. It has also inspired the world of fashion in so many elegant and practical ways.  Pieces like tennis shoes and polos have become common wardrobe staples in the fashion world – and it’s no surprise due to their versatility.

My simple outfit of a white tennis polo and a pair of light tan chinos was perfect for the sunny occasion. You really can’t go wrong with tennis inspired styles. It was also the perfect opportunity to bring out a pair of casual New Balance shoes I recently got. What better place to wear tennis shoes than at a tennis event.

The Rogers Cup runs from August 5-13. If you didn’t get a chance to attend this year, try to make it out next year. Whether you’re into tennis or just in it for the fun activities, you’ll have a wonderful time.



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