Gents, It’s okay to pamper your skin.

If you told me that I would be attending a spa for a skincare treatment a few years ago, I would’ve called you ridiculous. I mean, up until recently my skin care routine consisted of just water and soap, and the occasional face wash. So a spa session was beyond me. But I’ve learned that taking care of our skin is really important, because it is the biggest organ in our bodies.

Most guys simply neglect skin care though.

Why? We’re lazy.

So I decided to attend  Sherwood Village Wellness Spa‘s 27th anniversary event, and I wasn’t surprised that I was the only male. I felt a little special, but it reminded me of how men generally don’t care as much about this whole skincare thing. There’s almost a stigma attached to beauty treatments being feminine. I thought that I would use this opportunity to enforce the idea that skin care should be for everyone because it’s important (unless you really, really don’t care).

I went to the Village spa for a fire and ice face peel, and it was fantastic. Besides that though, I was educated by experts and experienced estheticians on skin care, which was very valuable information. If you’re interested, you can understand specifics of the treatments here.

ice and fire treatment

I was taken care of and I felt really special (Thank you Suzanne and Jacqueline!). Every guy deserves that. And you don’t even have to do it very often. Ideally you should get a facial peel or treatment once a year if possible.

I walked away feeling completely rejuvenated and relaxed. So if the idea ever crosses your mind, I highly recommend that you swing by Sherwood Village Wellness Spa, you won’t regret it!

As a final note, here are some product suggestions (made with organic ingredients) that you can work with on the go to maintain healthy looking skin, all the time!


Flori Vera Micro Enzyme Glow Peel


iS Clinical Super Serum


iS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum


iS Clinical Cleansing Complex


(If you are unsure about anything or any product, please consult an esthetician, doctor or a dermatologist to ensure the treatment is appropriate for your skin. Thankfully, I don’t have any concerns so these work for me)

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