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More skincare! Yay!

Since this summer has been a hot one (literally and figuratively), it’s a good idea that we maintain proper skin care so that it stays healthy. I mean, some of us may have better skin than others, but it’s always a good idea to take preventative measures, as opposed to restorative ones, regardless of your skin’s situation.

It’s something I’ve been caring a lot more about lately after doing research of my own and seeing the results from my recent skin care regime. Before, I used to simply use soap and water, because I didn’t know better – and honestly, it wasn’t so bad. But I didn’t want to risk damaging my skin unknowingly, so I said, hey why not.

I’ve talked about this before, but it doesn’t do harm to repeat and reiterate.

As males, we tend to care less about our skin, and other aesthetics because of various reasons (appearing feminine, not caring, etc.), but it really doesn’t take much – and ultimately you’re benefiting yourself in the long run. The majority of men, including myself, don’t even have to deal with makeup – so think of skin care as a mini-makeup session, that takes less time and makes you look healthier (props to the ladies for taking care of yourselves better than us).

I’ve reviewed and used other skin care brands, which are excellent and have been serving me really well. But why not have a variety at your disposal?

My recommendation today: Anthony, which is at the top of the game when it comes to luxury skin care and grooming; and at reasonable prices. Two essentials that I personally recommend are the All Purpose Facial Moisturizer and the Continuous Moisture Eye Cream.

An everyday moisturizer is essential!  Anthony’s All Purpose Facial Moisturizer is lightweight, easy to absorb and contains anti-aging properties – necessary for summer but perfect all year round. Developed for men, borrowed by women – it’s a perfect addition to one’s daily routine. It feels great too!

Meanwhile, the Continuous Moisture Eye Cream helps stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness and moisturize the under eye area, keeping you looking fresh and awake all week long.

All Purpose Facial Moisturizer 3ozHP Continuous Moisture Eye Cream_TRIO

Anthony Brand products are available at Sephora and Nordstrom as well as online at: –where you can also see all of the amazing Anthony skincare solutions to get you through summer and beyond.

If you’re interested in product specifications, you can review them below!

Thank you for reading, and remember: take care of your skin!

Nourishes skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines. It leaves delicate facial skin firm and healthy. This unique lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly. Good for all skin types, especially normal to dry.

Paraben free. Allergy & Dermatologist tested. Vegan.

What’s in it?

• Sugarcane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon Extracts (natural AHAs) — help erase and prevent wrinkles • Wheat Protein — smooths and tightens.

• Panthenol — retains moisture.

• Vitamins A, C and E — provides antioxidant protection.

Regardless of the season, it’s imperative to hydrate after you cleanse. Even the most gentle of cleansers leave your skin dry. Invest wisely. Get yourself an everyday moisturizer that’s easy to absorb, light weight, and has anti-aging properties such as the All Purpose Facial

Moisturizer. Pairs well with Algae Facial Cleanser, Pre-Shave Oil and Shave Gel.

Method of Use

  1. Apply AM and PM to cleansed skin.

  2. Apply the All Purpose Facial Moisturizer to skin using an upward and outward motion.

  3. Reapply as needed.

Helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Lightweight, non-greasy formula. Good for all skin types, for men and women.
Price $36.00

An advanced, time-released, formula that helps prevent premature aging around the delicate eye area. For best results use regularly and add to a night time routine.

Paraben free. Allergy & Dermatologist tested. Vegan.

What’s in It?

• Jojoba oil, shea butter and squalane — provide deep skin hydration vitamins A, C and E protect, firm and help diminish fine lines and dark circles.

• Cucumber extract — cools and soothes skin.

• Carrot root — adds elasticity and tones skin.

Good for all skin types.

Tame those crow’s feet. This High Performance Eye Cream is fueled with Arnica and Allantonin to help stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness. Infused with Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Squalane and Carrot Root to provide maximum hydration.

Pairs well with Algae Facial Cleanser, Vitamin C Facial Serum and Vitamin A Facial Treatment.

Method of Use

  1. Use a.m. and/or p.m.

  2. Apply daily to cleansed skin around the eye area in the morning and in the evening.

  3. Provides hydration, smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines.


Price $44.00

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