Most Common Men’s Health Issues and What to Do About Them

Taking care of your health is a constant struggle, especially if you don’t get enough time to sleep or eat at least three healthy meals a day. Putting your health at risk is easier than most people think and once your immune system is down, you can get sick at any moment. Although minor illnesses like the cold and flu are easy to handle, they can lead to something more serious, so you need to take care of your health in a more comprehensive manner. Here are five common health issues that all men struggle with and what to do about them.


Type-2 diabetes

Although it attacks both sexes, scientist say that type-2 diabetes poses a bigger threat to men – namely, about 10% of men all over the world suffer from this disease as we speak! The reason for this is the body’s inability to produce and react to insulin, which leads to further problems and serious conditions. Moreover, type-2 diabetes is closely connected to physical activity and diet, which makes this extra dangerous for men who don’t work out. You can make a difference by eating two larger meals instead of several smaller ones, says a 2014 study, so switch to a better diet as soon as possible.



Although acne predominantly affects younger men, you’re not safe from it even after you’ve turned 40 or 50. You may even suffer from various skin conditions your entire life and not realize it until you wake up one morning with a face full of acne. And when that happens, visit your dermatologist immediately and ask for advice. Reacting on time will help you eliminate acne and other skin problems quickly and leave you with a clean face.



This is another problem both men and women are dealing with, but it seems that the former have a harder time fighting it. The reasons are still unknown, but gum disease is closely connected to dental care – basically, it’s all about how often and how precisely you brush your teeth, use mouthwash and floss. Do you do it after every meal? After every cup of coffee? And ice-cream? Probably not, which is why gingivitis is likely to cause you trouble in the future as well. And it’s important to deal with bleeding gums on time because this condition triggers erectile dysfunction in men and that’s something nobody wants.


Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is one of the most serious health conditions out there and you can have the best diet in the world and still experience it. That’s why you need to check your kidneys regularly and act as soon as you notice unusual activity, before things become alarming. If, however, you can’t do anything to prevent further complications and your physician diagnoses cancer, you should look into safe and non-invasive robotic kidney surgery that safely removes a part of your kidney infected with cancer. This method is quite new and highly innovative, and allows you to recover in much less time than with regular laparoscopic intervention.


Prostate issues

Prostate cancer is probably one of the most serious health conditions out there, regardless of their age, sexual preferences and lifestyle. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent all the imaginable reasons for its appearance, so the only thing you can do is notice it on time and act quickly. Before that happens, you might want to look out for other, less alarming issues, such as a benign enlarged prostate, for instance. It’s an inflammatory state that causes discomfort, but can be dealt with effectively and rather easily if spotted on time – as soon as you start experiencing changes in your urinary tract or suspect you have a urinary infection, contact your doctor and go on with the treatment before the conditions call for a surgical intervention.



This is one of the least talked about health issues out there, but the number of men suffering from it keeps rising year after year. Men who work all day long, have no time for themselves, don’t eat healthy and regularly, can’t seem to maintain a steady relationship and, ultimately, feel tired all the time are prone to depression and, consequently, more likely to develop suicidal thoughts. They slowly start losing interest in everything and everyone around them – from partners, friends and family to work, hobbies and sports – and prefer being alone. Finally, they develop reckless behavior and try to hurt themselves one way or another. There are several signs of depression that help men diagnose their problems, so, if you’re experiencing fatigue, irritability, anxiety and anger, be sure to talk to a professional and get help on time.


Other health issues

Some of the other dangerous health issues every man should look out for are prostate cancer, cardiovascular and heart diseases, sleep apnea, erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol and obesity, so keep an eye out for these conditions and prevent them as soon as possible.


Peter is a men’s lifestyle writer at Gentleman Zone magazine. Besides writing I worked as a journalist for many publications in UK and AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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