My 5 Style Picks for April


Hey guys!

This month’s picks are preppier-inspired pieces which can be added to other looks or outfits of your choice for relaxed yet stylish vibe. You can compile the pieces to create one look as well if you like the combination!

Hope you can be inspired by a thing or two!

1. Regular Fit Red Chinos

2. Sperry Top-Sider Loafer

3. Cricket V-neck Sweater

4. White Oxford Shirt

5. Woven Belt

.5 picks collage TEMPLATE

1. Red chinos are an exciting color of pants to have in your wardrobe. Although they may seem a little much, they are actually a very good color choice for spring and summer!

-Try wearing them with anything navy, light blue, or white!

2. Boat shoes are classic loafers that can be worn with practically anything. They come in various colors so it’s up to you when it comes to that choice. Working with a neutral color allows versatility with many other tones in your outfit.

-Try rocking these with no socks for a nonchalant-stylish look!

3. Any v-neck sweater can work as a good layering option for spring. The deeper v-neck cricket sweater adds a unique preppy vibe to anything you wear it with.

-Try wrapping this around your neck like this, when you find yourself heating up outside – instead of putting it away completely.

4. A white oxford is a staple in any guys wardrobe. Not only can you wear it as a white dress shirt, but also as a casual substitute for a regular t-shirt or a layering piece over a t-shirt or tank top.

-Try buttoning up the shirt all the way and wear it with a pair of slim sweats for a casual and unique look.

5. Instead of wearing your average leather belt, add some excitement to your waist by trying a rope belt with leather accents. It’s a preppy look and beyond that it’s super casual and put together!

-Try tucking in your shirt (if you’re not a fan of shirt tucking) to showcase the detail of your belt on any pair of pants or jeans

Thanks again for reading! Consider some of these choices next time you’re out and about shopping for your spring/summer wardrobe!

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