My 5 Style Picks for August


Hey guys!


This month’s picks are just accessories! I decided to focus on small detail pieces that improve the overall aesthetic of an outfit!

It’s easy to overlook accessories and keep an outfit simple (nothing wrong with that, by the way), but it’s also aesthetically pleasing to see a look come together because of certain accessories. Accessories really help make an outfit pop and sometimes change the overall flavor of the look. (Check most recent outfit post for example)

1. Beads

2. Lapel Pin

3. Tie Bar

4. Cardholder

5. Printed Scarf

aug grid

1. These beads or any other similar set of beads add style points to any look. It’s a casual accessory that works with any style!


Style tip:

-Try wearing a casual watch below the beads for some serious wrist style!


  1. This lapel pin is a fun little touch to your suit! Regardless of color, it will add a pinch of excitement to your look and instantly create a more sophisticated appearance.

Style tip:

-Try this pinned into the lapel of a grey suit. The color pops very nicely on grey.


  1. Summer may be ending soon, but you can hang onto the last bits of it with a summery tie bar! This funky little guy looks stylish and adds a unique touch to any tie you wear!

Style tip:

-Try wearing this with a striped neutral knit tie for a nautical and preppy look.


4. Fat wallet? Slim it down by keeping your essentials on you and switching to a sleek leather cardholder! This fella looks super fancy and stylish without making your pockets feel bulky.

Style tip:

-Try slipping it into your shirt pocket for ease of access and no bulk in your pant pockets! The leather end sticking out also looks very stylish.


  1. Every guy needs a funky summer scarf that is a statement piece. This one in particular features a combination of warm tones that pair well with any color!

Style tip:

-Try wearing it around your neck and in your blazer, like this. Stylish and doesn’t bother your neck much.


Thanks for reading! Make the most out of these last few days of summer!

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