My 5 Style Picks for February

Hey guys!

For February, more casual and versatile picks! With spring in reach, it’s nice to start adding pops of color and bringing out more layers instead of that big parka! These picks can even be combined as one outfit for a casual layered look.

Check it out!


1. UNIQLO skinny tapered jeans – $50

2. Clark’s Desert Boot in Beeswax leather – $130

3. Brooks Brothers Wool Vneck Sweater – $75

4. Denim Long Sleeve Shirt – $15

5. Quilted Vest




1. White jeans can be hard to keep clean, but they add contrast to darker neutrals and they’re really easy to match with!

-Try pairing these with a desert boot or your favorite runners; also roll up the bottoms two or three times.

2. These desert boots are a staple in every wardrobe. They can be dressed up or dressed down and can literally be worn with anything.

-Try pairing these with any slim pant.

3. The v-neck sweater in this particular color adds a pop of excitement to your outfit and works well as a light layering piece!

-Throw this on over your favorite button up shirt or simply wear it on its own.

4. A denim shirt also compliments many other things in your wardrobe. You can wear it under sweaters or cardigans, or choose to put it over a t-shirt or tank top.

-Try this under a v-neck or crew neck sweater buttoned to the top.

5. The quilted vest works very well as a layering piece over top of your whole outfit to keep you warm and provide you with some utility (pockets). Other than that it can simply be worn underneath your blazer or coat for a detailed and layered look.

-Work this in as you please. It’s a piece that can be worn many ways!

Stay inspired, dress well, and be confident!


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