My 5 Style Picks for July


Hey guys!

A little late on posting my picks for July! But better late than never right?!

I chose to focus on picks specifically from Club Monaco for this month since they have great deals going on. The prices are very reasonable regardless of what kind of shopper you are. Beyond that, if you don’t already know – Club Monaco offers an additional 20% off your purchase if you present a student card! 

1. Green Chinos

2. Mark McNairy Bucks

3. Tartan Plaid Shirt

4. Backpack

5. Linen Cardigan

july grid

1. These  fun colored pants are very lightweight, which means they’re perfect for the summer. Miss wearing pants? These work great in any weather, no matter how hot or cold.

Style tip:

-Try pin-rolling the bottoms and wear with a pair of white sneakers


2. These bucks are casual and stylish. They resemble a dress shoe, but look cooler and are more comfortable. You can’t go wrong with a pair of casual bucks.

Style tip:

-Try them with a simple outfit, like a tshirt and jeans, they’ll really make your outfit stand out.


3. This tartan plaid is an exciting choice that makes other plaids look really boring. It’s a short sleeve option that’s lightweight and unique!

Style tip:

-Try rolling the sleeves once or twice for a stylish edge on a simple piece.


  1. This backpack supplements any outfit because of it’s neutral color. It’s also very stylish! Carry your essentials in style!

Style tip:

-Try wearing it with a very casual outfit so it makes the whole look stand out more!


5. You’re probably thinking, a sweater?! It’s way too hot! Linen is a very good choice for hot weather since it’s breathable. This neutral sweater will compliment any look and comes in handy on those odd chilly evenings.

Style tip:

-Try wrapping it around your neck or waist if  it gets too hot! A stylish adjustment.


Thanks for reading! Enjoy summer to the fullest!

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