My 5 Style Picks for March

Hey fellas!

For March I have a few fresh and exciting picks with warmer weather in mind. Don’t be afraid to work with floral patterns – regardless of color or tone – they’ll add a sweet pop of excitement to any outfit!

And just as a side note – all these recommendations feature certain brands, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those are the only options you have. Use these picks as a form of inspiration or creativity to pick out your own pieces!

Check it out!

1. Slim Beige Lightweight Chinos – ~$50

2. White Runners – $50

3. Floral Button-Up – $50

4. Shawl Cardigan – $84

5. DW Watch


1. Beige chinos are a staple in every wardrobe. Regardless of your style, a clean pair of chinos can be paired with edgy, casual, or even dressed up looks. It’s all about how you style them.

-Try cuffing them a few times and wear them with a rope belt for a casual preppy look

2. Some people don’t enjoy wearing sneakers with dressed up looks – but white sneakers are a simple choice and can be worn with practically anything. They also make the most put together outfits look very effortless! Let’s not forget how comfortable they are as well!

-Try pairing these with your favorite suit and no socks for a fashionable nonchalant look!

3. Floral prints are really in right now! You simply can’t go wrong with these fun patterns. Find yourself a print that works for you and start turning heads!

-Try any floral print top or bottom with anything plain in your wardrobe. Not only does it add a pop of color, but also adds a ton of fun to your look!

4. For those colder days, a shawl cardigan is a comfortable choice and looks very fashionable, regardless of its color! Try working with neutrals since they become much more versatile choices.

-Try layering this under a denim jacket or even wear it over top of your favorite button up or t-shirt.

5. When it comes to watches, I personally like simple and timeless looking watches (no pun intended) – with that in mind, a watch like Daniel Wellington can be practically worn with anything!

-Try wearing this paired with a few bracelets for some fun and fresh looking wrist details!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay inspired!

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