My 5 Style Picks for October


Hey guys!

So I missed the last style picks for September, and I’m very sorry as I was extremely busy with work and life. Ahhhh oh well, hope this great post makes up for it!

Today I bring you a combination of unique pieces that are not only super trendy, but perfect for this fall season and beyond. They’re timeless items that will never go out of style regardless of where you are!

So without further ado, enjoy!

1. Pale Pink Chinos

2. Kenton Boots

3. Quilted Jacket

4. Turtleneck

5. Leather Gloves


  1. Pale pink you absolutely cannot go wrong with. It’s a pop of color that can be worn by any guy since it’s not too crazy. Besides that, these chinos are extremely comfortable because they’re a little stretchy, so you won’t feel restricted at all!


Style tip:

-Try a rope belt instead of a leather belt for a classic casual look.


2. I bought these boots because I couldn’t resist. They’re very comfortable and very stylish. They can be worn with practically anything in your wardrobe. Enough said. (Just take care of the suede pls)

Style tip:

-Try these with a rolled up pair of dark rinse denim.


3. A popular British piece and a very good substitute for a large fall coat. It’s lighter than it looks and surprisingly keeps you warm  even on the coldest days. You can even go as far as using it as a layering piece if you’re a layer slayer.

Style tip:

-Try throwing this on over an oxford shirt buttoned all the way to the top for a timeless look.


4. Turtlenecks are so back in style. You can wear these bad boys with anything from a suit to a pair of jeans. They also do a good job of keeping your neck warm (common sense, duh).

Style tip:

-Try wearing this under a casual blazer for a casually-tailored-European look.


  1. Some people may not be a fan of leather due to particular reasons, so there are PU leather options out there. But you can’t go wrong with a pair of light brown leather gloves since they’re a staple to any fashion conscience male’s wardrobe. Phew, that was a handful (hehe)

Style tip:

-Try throwing them neatly into your blazer pocket when you’re not wearing them. They make for a great little pocket-accessory.


Thanks for reading! And don’t be afraid to Fall for your favorite pieces! (sorry not sorry)

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