My Top Picks from Rock-it Promo’s SS17 Preview

Hey Guys!

So I had the opportunity to attend Rock-it Promotions’ media preview for the Spring and Summer of 2017 – and I’m really excited to share some things that stood out to me. It was fun to explore new brands and even learn things about brands that I didn’t know before.

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, so here’s a quick rundown!


To me, TOMS has always been a brand that I’ve regarded as a go-to destination for a casual pair of espadrilles. There’s also the great initiative of helping less fortunate children around the world, which adds huge value to the brand, but in terms of style, nothing has stood out to me before. This year, I was utterly amazed at the variety of both mens and womens shoe selections at the preview. They also had a super-fun variety of trendy sunglasses! It’s a brand that you should keep an eye on as they’ve got some good kicks and you’re making a difference by helping others around the world.

For every pair of TOMS eyewear purchased, TOMS helps restore sight to people in need. For every TOMS bag purchased, TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. TOMS are available at retailers across Canada and at


Another brand where my misconceptions were corrected. Tilley Endurables is a brand that makes hats and fine travel clothing that is versatile, durable and practical for men and women. I had only known Tilley because of their ‘Tilley‘ hats, which I used for camping and outdoor trips. It was amazing to see what they’ve recently come up with, including a variety of functional outerwear that can work really well as fashionable essentials. Oh, and they’re a local Canadian brand!


Known for it’s online marketplace and a destination were you can buy anything DIY, Etsy has stepped up it’s game with wedding gowns and creative pieces from talented designers across Canada. Although a wedding dress doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, it was a visually appealing presentation. Also, there’s a massive selection of handmade stationery and accessories that are very unique!

Discover more beautifully crafted and collected goods from housewares to fashion finds to personalized gift ideas and everything in-between. Connect with the world’s most talented makers to make your day (and life!) even more personal ”

Club Med

As a travel and adventure seeker, any sort of exciting excursion away from home is genuinely appealing. I had heard of Club Med before, and even had an acquaintance work in one of their Brazil locations, but I was amazed by the VR demonstration they had set up (to immerse you in the experience) and wealth of knowledge that Julien provided. It’s essentially a one-stop travel accommodation service that goes above and beyond with numerous amenities and group activities to keep you active or involved while you’re away from home. They’ve been around for a while and it was enchanting to see how many destinations they’ve got in store. There’s way more options other then beachy destinations if you fancy a getaway in the Swiss Alps! /s

Frank + Oak for Women

Frank and Oak is well known for their reasonably-priced-quality essentials for men. They’ve recently decided to carry that same mentality forward for women, and their collection looked fantastic! A combination of refined basic pieces as well as a few novelty items, the versatility of their women’s line really stood out to me. There were even some pieces that I would totally wear – regardless of whether it was ‘womens’ or not, but overall it was exciting to finally see the brand move forward!

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