New Balance Kick Starts the Year With the 247 Collection

One sneaker. 3 colourways. Unlimited possibilities.

As a big fan of New Balance shoes, it’s great to see the brand maintaining the classic elements of their casual sneakers in their new collection. I saw a few photos floating around on the internet of the luxe shoe, but I had to see them for myself to gauge the quality and the feel of them.  I attended the launch event at Soho House Toronto to get a closer look and see them in an up-close and personal manner. (It was also really nice to get a quick line up from a Crow’s Nest barber that was present at the event. Thanks!)

Aesthetically speaking, the sneaker is phenomenal. It combines the traditional New Balance feel with a modern edge of simplicity, which ultimately results in a super fun pair of kicks. Their versatility creates a wide range of possibilities in terms of styling. These can go well with any look really: style them up with a suit or simply throw em on for your casual errand look, you can’t really go wrong. Unlike the brand’s line of running shoes, these are not necessarily made for performance. Although they are very lightweight and comfortable, they are stuck in the athleisure category – unless you’re all about fashionable sneakers as trainers. The 3 neutral tones tailor to different styles and preferences, while still being appropriate for any style combination. However, the drawback is that this is a limited edition collection, with a total of 240 pairs of each colourway available in Canada.

They launch today (January 7th, 2017), and will be around for a short period of time! But it’s definitely an exciting shoe. I imagine that New Balance will have more up their sleeves with the 247 collection later this year.

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