Prepped Layers

Prepped Layers

Since winter seems to be far from over, it’s nice to dress as if it is, while still feeling warm. Instead of throwing on a shirt and a large parka, you can get a little creative if you’re willing to take the time and add a little effort.

In this outfit I wore a casual button up and added a dark orange pullover. I would usually stop there if I wanted to keep it simple and light, but the layered look adds more interest to the outfit without adding a big jacket. So I added a baggier linen cardigan and a trench coat to complete the look. The corduroy pants in white add a slightly nautical touch to the outfit and as a result, the outfit looks preppier. In order to keep warm I pulled over boot socks and wore riding boots and it I guess it doesn’t look too bad. I could have also wore brogues and rolled up the pants, but this works better for the current weather.

Try something like this if you’re looking for a warm outfit while still having colourful elements (to forget about winter) and not having too much bulk on your back.

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