Reviewing Sanuk – The Vagabond Chill

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So I picked up a pair of Sanuk moccasins to see what they were all about. They’re under the same parent brand as UGG, which is Deckers Brands, so I wanted to find myself a close equivalent to the popular UGG boot, without actually wearing ‘UGGs’. The brands under Decker tend to have unconventional styles, while still being oddly stylish and extremely comfortable. This was something I was very excited about for a while, because it’s really fun to work with pieces that aren’t generally considered ‘stylish’ or ‘fashionable’. It allows for boundless creative personal expression.

It was a tough decision deciding what style to work with, since there are numerous unique options that can be styled so many different ways. In the spirit of sticking to the ‘grungy comfortable’ aesthetic, I decided the Vagabond Chill would be appropriate. I also needed a comfortable ‘laze-around’ or ‘errand-running’ shoe that was easy to slip on, so I thought these would be appropriate!

First of all, they’re extremely comfortable! I was amazed! I’ve had the traditional boat shoe that worked as a preppy stylish piece for on-the-go purposes, but the vagabond chill was different. The wool interior and the fuzzy faux shearling lining really made it easy to put on a shoe barefoot. Sometimes you really don’t want to slip on a sock – and I understand, some people are grossed out by the idea, but the anti-microbial insole helps prevent odor and bacteria.

The structure of the moccasin is flexible, so you don’t have to force it on. It also kind of forms to your foot. I didn’t need to break into them – and that’s a big deal to me because I find that with most shoes I get blisters or chafing on the back of my ankle. So if you’re looking for a shoe that you can use for comfort while sacrificing a bit of style, these are definitely your go-to pair.

My only criticism is that they can get really warm if you wear them around inside for too long (more than a few hours, I potato’d pretty hard in them, so that’s partially my fault). I found that they got a little too warm at times and I simply need to take them off to give my feet a breather. Outside, I never had this issue. There is a sister model called the vagabond (without the chill, which is the wool interior), and that’s considered to be slightly cooler. The chill part of the design represents the shoe’s ability to be functional during colder temperatures.

Overall, they’re probably the most comfortable shoe I’ve worn. They’re not super stylish, but they’re functional and can be suitable for many on-the-go situations.





Photography is courtesy of the talented Aous Poules (@aous_photo)

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