Sassyfig, another reason to be excited about eating healthy

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I had the opportunity to collaborate with a super-food snack brand, Sassyfig. It is a local brand that creates simple and healthy snacks that serve as nutritional alternatives to common options – which are usually loaded with sugar and preservatives. Their two product lines are Sassy Granola (a cereal-like snack) and Sassy Crousti (a cracker-like snack). There’s no better time than to start eating healthier – it’s summer! Eat well and look good!

The ingredients used in Sassyfig’s products are vegan friendly and GMO free, therefore anyone (regardless of dietary restrictions) can enjoy these snacks. To top that off, the aesthetics of the packaging were rather pleasing and exciting! The box itself can almost serve as a decoration when placed on your shelf – and they’re very compact in case you want carry them around on the go!

The Sassy Granola is a naturally sweetened cereal that can be enjoyed on it’s own, with milk, or an addition to yogurt. I found myself enjoying it as a quick snack with a glass of milk. It’s a very light alternative to heavily sugared cereals that are no good for your body. It doesn’t take much either to gain satisfaction as the combination of ingredients create a very wholesome mix.

Now the  Sassy Crousti was a little different in texture and not what I expected. I couldn’t enjoy it on its own because it’s a very raw flavored snack (because it’s healthy), so I opted to use it with a hummus dip, which turned out to be fantastic. There are many other ways you can use the crousti, such as crackling it over your salad or using the crackers as imitation nacho chips

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Sassy Granola


Sassy Crousti


Interested in Recipes?

Head on over to Sassyfig’s blog to check out fun and delicious ideas for any occasion!

And as a side note: Although I try to direct my content towards style and fashion, I want to share my love for food and healthy eats! I believe in order to be a well-rounded individual, your diet must be nutritious in order to keep you in a positive mentality at all times.

Thanks for reading, stay healthy and stylish folks!

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