Spring Prep(py)


Since spring is just around the corner, I decided to go light on the layers and focus on more distinct pieces. Although the weather is continuously changing, it’s exhilarating to get ahead of the season and bring out the spring wardrobe.

Here I kept it simple with a blue oxford and a casual preppy looking tie. Leave the top button undone so the look isn’t so uptight! jeans go well with oxfords for that casual but maintained look. A pair of dark rinse jeans is the way to go; as well as a few cuffs at the bottom to enhance the casual appearance of the look. The shawl cardigan works well to keep you warm first of all and adds a bit of sophistication to the look. As a student, backpacks are necessary, but having the right one really completes the outfit. The leather bag does well in adding some sophistication to the outfit. Finally, for footwear I chose riding boots due to weather conditions, but as the weather gets better, you can pair this look with loafers and funky socks or simply show off your ankles for the effortless appearance. Don’t mind the glasses! I decided I’d try them on and they went well with the look I was going for!

I plan on posting some content from Toronto’s Fashion Week in the coming days, so you can look forward to that!



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