Sticking it to Winter in Function and Style | Merrell’s Overlook Boot

Every winter I face the same dilemma: do I want to stay warm and comfortable with clunky boots – or do I suffer the cold with a stylish pair of shoes or sneaks?

Well, I found myself choosing the second choice most of the time and it kinda sucks, especially when I begin to ruin my favourite shoes. This year I decided to move away from that for a few obvious reasons:

  1. Keeping my toes warm during the harsher cold days
  2. Keeping my socks nice and dry (slush on the sidewalk is the worst)
  3. Avoid slipping on ice
  4. To start acting like an adult (whatever that means) and trying to take care of myself appropriately.

I browsed for a while and even tried on a few pairs that I thought might work, but they weren’t quite what I was looking for. After some time, I was invited out to try Merrell‘s Stick It To Winter experience at The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. There was a simulation inside that allowed me to try on the Overlook boot in an elevated and extremely icy environment – in order to put the boot’s Vibram Arctic Grip technology to work. (It’s also super cool because when it activates, these little specks illuminate and become a bright blue)

(as a side note, I’ve recently picked up the Saucony Peregrine 7 runner, which also uses the Arctic Grip technology. It’s a no brainer for winter runs)

It was awesome. Beyond that, the grip really made a difference in the simulation and practicality, since it would naturally ‘catch’ you if you were to slip. The boot itself was also super warm and had a stylish silhouette. It wasn’t the prettiest boot compared to other stylish figures, but it combined that and functionality for an overall comfortable pair of boots.

The reason why I wanted to write this piece a few months later after trying these was because I really wanted to see if they would hold up with the promised features. They have been holding up much better than I expected  (it’s been over 4 months, and I’ve used them in BC and Ontario across various terrains) – and I’m proud to say that winter has no chance against these bad boys. I usually like to give them a quick wipe down after use (especially with Toronto’s horrible salty conditions, they get a little crusty) and they’re still good as new.

I’ve added specifications below for those who are interested in knowing more, but I have to say that this has been one of my favourite experiences with a functional product.

Men’s Overlook 6 Ice+ Waterproof (in Black)
Retail Price: $190.00 CAD

– Leather upper
– TPU waterproof shell
– Traditional lace closure
– Bellows tongue that keeps debris out
– Conductor Fleece lining for added warmth
– M Select WARM lightweight – low bulk 200g insulation that keeps
you comfortable
– Single density removable footbed
– Moulded nylon arch shank
– Merrell air cushion in the heel that absorbs shock and adds stability
– Vibram Arctic Grip outsole which provides unparalleled traction on ice
even in the most extreme winter conditions
– 4.5 mm lug depth
– Weight: 3lbs 4oz / 1474g

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading! Yes, they’ve been great and I’m glad that you also enjoy them – you really can’t go wrong with these in the winter!

  1. I must say I would not buy anything but Merrill boots but I have had issues with my winter boots . The first pair of boots I bought were not winter plain hiking boots that I have out on more than 7000 Klm with no issues . The second pair were winter boots with vibrom soles which I found horrible and hardily ever wear I found them useless on snow and ice at any temperature .i had such good luck with my first pair I just purchased my third pair and they are perfect . Hopefully I will get lots of life out of them .

    1. Hi Don, first off, thanks for reading and sharing your experience. That’s awesome, and I hope your newest pair lives up to your expectations! My dad recommended them to me as well, so I decided – why not give them a try first hand. This is my first pair of Merrell boots and they’ve been great thus far! Hoping I can get the most out of them like you did!

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