Summer Grooming Picks

Hey guys!

Although summer is coming to an end (unfortunately), there’s still time to look and feel good while the weather is still warm!

I decided to pick out a few bare essentials that help keep you clean and well-groomed, while being stylish!

I’ll be honest, as a typical guy, I never paid much attention to men’s products and simply used soap and water to clean and a simple trimmer to shave. Thanks to the experts at MenEssentials , I was educated and shown a variety of products that really make you a better man. I came up with a short list that anyone can pick up to help you take your first step into basic self-care.

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1. Balla Original Talcum Powder

Just like baby powder, but with a fresh scent. Also comes in a non-scented version if the scent bugs you. Really helps ease irritation and keep your skin feeling fresh even on the hottest days. I personally found that it works best under your arms and between your legs, as it wicks away moisture, and keeps the areas smelling fresh.


2. Ta-Ze 100% Olive Oil Soap

An organic soap that really feels like it’s cleaning your skin when you use it. Best part is: it’s biodegradable. Which means you can take it with you when you go camping or to the cottage and use it to bathe in the lake, without any environmental consequences. Hurray!


3. Parker Faux Porcelain Razor

This fancy looking razor uses Gillette’s Mach 3 heads, which allows interchangeability with common razor  heads. Since it uses the Mach 3 heads, which are my personal favorites, you would probably have to buy new razor heads every once in a while, depending on how often and how much you shave. Its unique and stylish look make non-traditional shaving look classy and stylish. It also comes in a cream-white color, but I thought the black was sleek and simple.


Thanks for reading gents! Enjoy the rest of summer while being clean and primped!

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