Take Your Suit a Step Further this Fall/Winter

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So when the cold weather arrives, the first thing we usually do is ditch the style, and focus on staying warm. I mean, that makes sense. But could we also stay stylish and warm? Opting for the big winter coat over some clothing isn’t a bad idea at all, but if you’re planning on wearing a suit, it can get really warm. And the last thing you want is to show up to work, school, or an event, breaking a full sweat.

There are a few in-between solutions we can consider if we want to stay on top of our style game during the cold:

  1. Layer up the suit by adding a sweater underneath the blazer (but we all know that can get kind-of bulky and a little restricting for movement, unless every piece fits you extremely well)
  2. Layer up the suit by adding a light jacket, that’s warm enough to keep out the cold, but not overly bulky to get you sweating.

As I’ve tried both methods in the past few years, both work, but I’ll be focusing on the second option since I see more functionality with that choice. Instead of getting to your destination and having to take the off the sweater and/or the blazer, you can simply remove the jacket. I mean, you can argue that any jacket could work for this situation, in which you are right, but I picked up a particular jacket that was stylish and light.

Meet your suit’s best friend this fall and winter, the Colmar Originals Research Down Jacket.

Although we haven’t fully experienced the cold weather yet, the few days of cold we’ve had so far have been a breeze with this jacket. It’s sleek design fits well with a suit to create an effortless on the go look. It’s also waterproof! Which means no wet suit when you arrive to your destination. I also really liked the fact that was tapered to the body, which ultimately emphasizes your figure and ends up being very flattering. There are a few jackets out there that share similar characteristics, but this caught my eye with it’s sheer simplicity and quality.

The rest of the brand’s jackets are focused on a casual yet refined niche – which ultimately works out to be a very versatile collection for any guy or gal.

You can check out the rest of their collections at www.colmar.it .

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