The Grand Portage by Hudson’s Bay

O Canada, where do I start?

Growing up in this beautiful country has taught me that everyone can get along regardless of who they are. It has shaped me for who I am today and given me endless opportunities that I never thought were possible. I have met people of all kinds that have taught me so much about what it really means to be Canadian. Even being abroad, people have warmed up to me knowing that I am Canadian. I would say I’m very lucky.

As good as it is, sometimes we find ourselves getting bored or itching to travel elsewhere because we’ve become so comfortable here in Canada. We often forget how privileged we are being here and what this country really has to offer. Yes, travel is very important, as it opens your eyes to new cultures, experiences and opportunities – but it goes without saying that it can be a little expensive and it obviously takes a lot of planning.

Why not explore our own backyard? Well, for many, the first thing that comes to mind with travel is going abroad, but there are so many unique and exciting places to go in Canada that we overlook, and we really should be getting out there to explore! This year’s lovely summer has been going by fast, but there are still a few weeks left where we can take advantage of the beautiful weather. With it being Canada’s 150th birthday, all national parks have free access, which means that all you need to do is pack up a few things and drive out – or fly out. But who can say no to a good ol’ road trip?

If you still can’t make it out because of commitments and other priorities, that’s no problem at all! The Grand Portage is helping Canadians like you and I come together by funding the completion of The Great Trail, a series of trails that span all across the country (approximately 24,000 kilometers). Hudson’s Bay launched the initiative to involve all Canadians, regardless of location or capability.

I encourage anyone with the capability to become part of this initiative by giving back to a nation that has given all of us so much.  You can do so by shopping The Grand Portage collection (10% of proceeds will be donated), or by simply donating directly through this page. You can also purchase limited edition mini-paddles ($10 will be donated) or keychains ($2.50 will be donated).  As part of the this great adventure, use the hashtag #hbgrandportage on instagram or twitter to showcase your Canadian spirit or to simply follow along!

Let’s continue to appreciate what we have and be thankful that we live in a place like no other. Much love, fellow Canadians!

Photography is courtesy of Patrick Ryder (@patrickjamesryder). This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed in this post are mine.


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