The Uncommon Run ft. Blacktoe Running and Instance Socks

Hey guys!

I had the opportunity to attend a small event on October 1st for Blacktoe Running and Stance socks – which doubled as a 5km run around the west side of Toronto. As someone who values fitness and well-being, this was an exciting chance to exercise and experience the aspect of community that was developed through running events.

The run itself wasn’t so bad (even though it rained), but the fact that I was running with so many other people – it made the run so much more fun and engaging. Although many events like this exist around the city, it was my first time doing such a thing. To my surprise, it was a lot of fun simply running. Who thought I’d ever say that?

I encourage anyone lacking motivation to check out one of these events, since running with a group of people makes it more motivational overall. When you  find yourself struggling to push for that extra stride, you think of how hard everyone else is working – and it really keeps you going.

If you’re interested in attending, Blacktoe Running hosts community runs every week, you can check out the schedule here.



I also got the chance to check out Stance’s products, which I was very curious about – since I’d heard so much about their performance socks, especially for the NBA.  I was genuinely amazed at how comfortable they are. Although you do pay a premium for the socks, they really are worth it once you get a feel for their comfort and breathability. Beyond that, they’ve got some super funky styles and colours.




Their newest Star Wars collection for this fall. I’m so in love!



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