Why BrewBox is More Than Just a Box of Brew

Ontario craft beer is one of those things that has gotten more popular over the last while, and for a reason. Not only is it delicious, quality brew that’s hard to resist, but it’s perfect for any occasion. You can obviously pick and choose with different breweries if you have favourites, but what if you don’t know where to start?

You’ve probably tried one kind before, but want to keep going and exploring other great options. Why not pick up a variety of different kinds?

And if you, your friends or family want more, there’s something you have to know about. BrewBox.

Ever dream of craft beer coming right to your doorstep? Well, that’s a reality now. The Brew Box Co. has various ‘clubs’ that you can now be apart of to get boxes of craft goodness shipped right to you. The clubs represent different packages with different beers, starting at only $58/month.  This is a perfect gift for those guys who have everything and are hard to get gifts for.

In a more specific context, BrewBox makes the perfect gift for wedding season. Since it is upon us, grooms might be looking for the perfect gift to give to their groomsmen who are a part of their big day. This monthly craft beer subscription box, could be that perfect gift that keeps on giving. Personally, I’ve found that this also makes for a great sharing experience. When I received the box, I immediately called upon a few buds and had them sample the selections. It was a super fun experience getting a couple of guys together to try out a curated selection of craft beers.
For the next time you’re looking forward to having company over for a barbecue or social gathering, you’ll know exactly what to get to have your guests impressed and excited.

Please enjoy responsibly


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