YourTea, Your LifeStyle!

Hey fellas!

Trying to stay healthy and feel great this fall and winter season?

It’s pretty easy with YourTea. (@yourtea) A great supplementary tea to your healthy diet that provides a variety of health benefits, regardless of how big or small your goals are! Not only that, but there’s a funky selection that suits anyone’s style.

And let’s not forget, how cozy is a nice cup of tea on a cold night? Ahhhhhhh.


I decided to to go with the Tiny Tea (@tinyteatox) detox, which comes in 14 and 28 day options. I’m not one that has traditionally done detox diets – simply because I haven’t found the need to do so (but I should care more). Trying this tea has surprisingly exceeded my expectations due to it’s rawness and great taste.


Beyond that, it comes in fun-colored-convenient tea bags that you can carry around practically anywhere. I prefer my tea warm, however there’s the option to get creative and throw a tea bag into a water bottle, which can be a great substitute!


Including tea into your diet is not only beneficial to your health, but also a great way to say goodbye to coffee. I’m a huge fan of coffee, especially during my university days (many of you can relate). But I  have been trying to cut down, and in all honesty, this tea has been a more-than-sufficient substitute.

Being healthy goes hand in hand with being a well-rounded gentlemen. So never overlook the power of diet and healthy choices! Anyone can do it, and it simply starts with you making the choice, one step at a time, regardless of how big that step is.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try. And tell me what you think!


(sorry, I had to)

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