Water Should Be PUR

A few weeks ago I had the humbling opportunity to attend an event which not only covered the important topics of water quality and sustainability, but also allowed me to meet one of my childhood heroes, David Suzuki!

Mr. Suzuki’s message to Canadians was very simple: Everyone is responsible for the environment and it’s well being. Which meant that we should make a more conscious effort to be more sustainable with our lifestyles. The reason I wanted to quickly discuss this is because we tend to overlook the topic of sustainability when it comes to almost everything nowadays. It’s also a subject that becomes relevant when it comes to fashion since many fast fashion brands produce low quality garments while severely damaging the environment. It’s a reminder that we can make small improvements by supporting brands that are more ethical in their production practices, in order to protect our environment. I read an article not too long ago that informed me of how plastic fibers from clothing seeps into our water systems, ultimately poisoning much of the ecosystem – which in turn affects us negatively. Water is the most important resource that we have on earth and it’s important to remember that we can’t survive without it!

At the event, it was also great to see a brand that was making it a priority to create filtration systems that made our water even cleaner. Yes, some might argue that we do in fact need some of the minerals in our drinking water, but lead is one those things that we can’t take a chance with – and PUR‘s filtration systems eliminate 99% of lead. Mr. Michael Mitchell, one the lead engineers at PUR, also discussed the Maxion filter technology and its effectiveness at reducing contaminants. The affordable and sustainable filtration products are recyclable – and PUR makes an effort to ensure that they continue to stay that way. PUR’s mission to provide sustainable filtration solutions continues to grow and they’ve begun to test their solutions abroad for developing countries. Although there is no real affordable solution for many people in third-world countries, there are initiatives that are trying to enable people all over the world to make effective use of PUR filters, so that everyone has access to clean drinking water.

It was a great experience that allowed me to reflect on my own habits, while continuing to improve my efforts in becoming more sustainable as an individual. I’m also really looking forward to seeing what else PUR can come up with in the next little while, especially in third-world countries, since their vision seems attainable if they maintain their current practices.

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