My 5 Style Picks for May


Hey guys!

More fun picks to be inspired by! I focused on choosing pieces that are simple and quality basics. The outfit as a whole works well if you decide to work with such a look, however, each piece has lots of versatility to be worn on its own with other existing items in your wardrobe.

1. L.G.R. Sunglasses

2. Jimmy Choo Loafers

3. Linen-Blend Blazer

4. Fred Perry Polo

5. Gant Rugger Linen-Blend Shorts

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1. Every gentleman needs a quality pair of sunglasses that not only stand out, but work with practically any outfit. These particular glasses have a tortoise shell frame which adds a jazzy and stylish feel to your look.

Style tip:

-Try wearing them with a fedora hat for a fun summery look


2. Tasseled loafers are shoes that can easily dress up a casual look, or even add more elegance to your existing formal outfit. Wearing loafers without socks creates a nonchalant yet put together look that works for any occasion. If you’re not a fan of not wearing socks, wear some loafer socks with can give you the same look with more comfort.

Style tip:

-Try wearing a loafer like this with a pair of slim or tapered chinos


3. Getting funky with the color of your blazer adds more fun to your look. A pale pink color is not a common choice for many people, so choose something of the sort to stand out and have a stylish blazer over any of your favorite tops.

Style tip:

-Try adding a colored pocket square to the jacket for a pop of excitement and sophistication.


4. The classic Fred Perry polo combines simplicity, style, and comfort. A polo can be seen as a hybrid of a basic t-shirt and a button-up. Although a polo is a casual piece, it still is more stylish than t-shirt.

Style tip:

-Try buttoning up all the buttons on your polo. Gives you a more flattering look if worn correctly with a nice pair of slim pants.


5. With the weather getting warmer, shorts become essentials for any outfit. Ditch the old baggy cargo shorts and substitute them for a pair of slimmer chambray ones that are far more stylish. They are also very lightweight!

Style tip:

-Try rolling up the shorts twice for a more stylish look. Only if you’re comfortable with shorter shorts, of course.


Thanks once again for reading! Enjoy the great weather while looking your best!

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