Razor Review: Bic Flex5 Hybrid

Let’s dive right into the topic at hand: Razors.

First of all, yay or nay? Some men, including myself, usually stick to trimmers for facial grooming. The occasional razor comes in handy when you’re going for that super clean shaven look, or when you’re trying to tidy up a particular spot. I naturally have thicker hair and sensitive skin, so I only shave completely when I need to. For the longest time I’ve used the Gillette mach 3, probably over 5 years – simply because it got the job done. I decided to give the Bic Flex5 Hybrid a try for a change because the mach 3 wasn’t perfect. I’ve even tried the Gillette fusion for a while, but discontinued using it because it had a slightly awkward feel to it.

My past experience with Bic razors was with the disposable ones, and although they were disposable – they weren’t all that bad. Seeing the Flex5 Hybrid for the first time prompted me to give it a shot. And it’s actually really good.

Here’s why:

The handle feels natural and it’s got a good weight to it, which ultimately helps you get to those hard-to-get-to spots as well as accuracy with line ups. The ergonomic design and Balancing sphere add to that feel. What’s more important is the ease of use: the standard package comes with extra razors and they’re super easy to pop on when needed. The 5 blades individually adjust to the contour of your skin for the close one-swipe shave (this was actually really useful against thick hair, similar to the shaving action of the Gillette fusion). Another thing to note is that when you’re using it in the shower, the long lasting lubricating strip works really well with the water. I’m very interested in seeing how this razor will perform for the next few years, but so far it has been everything you could ask for in a shaving accessory. My only criticism would be the initial angle of the blades, before you get used to them. You have to kind of get a hang of the stroke, especially if you’re used to another razor.

Best part: this guy retails across Canada for less than $15 – and you can count on them lasting a while.

For those wondering, this isn’t a sponsored post. I got the razor for free. If you’re looking for a reliable, quality razor without breaking bank, try the Bic Flex5 Hybrid and be ready to #FaceAnyMoment – whether it’s a date, important job interview or vacation fun.

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