Simple Patterns

We are finally getting that weather we have been waiting so long for. With that being said, this allows us to wear a variety of new things: more colour, less layers (while still making a statement), and different pieces. 

Patterns play a big part in highlighting the details of your outfit. Combining simple patterns adds more excitement to your attire without much effort. You don’t want to over do it with too many complicated patterns (such as floral prints), or else everything will appear chaotic and tacky. Crazier patterns can work, but you have to be able to coordinate them properly or wear those pieces on their own.

Polka dots work really well because they give off a fun look; which makes the outfit more casual. The linen/wool blend cardigan works well on top because it adds another simple weaving pattern. By adding a plain set of pants (chinos work best), the attention is drawn towards to the upper body garments, and nothing appears to be overdone. As usual, I prefer to roll up the pants twice or three times, while showing some ankle to enhance the spring/summer vibe the outfit is intended to give off. For footwear, I chose Clarks desert boots because they’re versatile and work well, however, you can wear anything, such as: boat shoes, casual runners/sneakers, or even oxfords.

P.S. I shaved… my face feels so naked… and different.




Photos taken by Ala.

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