Spring/Summer Details

Haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been extremely busy. Hoping to be more active soon!

Today I want to talk a bit about details. Adding certain accessories to your outfit can completely upgrade the look and make it more complete. Usually I would enhance an outfit with layers, but because it is warmer out now, layering becomes less effective in a practical manner.

By taking a closer look at the details of an outfit, you can appreciate it more. Simple additions can change a casual look into a well thought out fashionable ensemble.

This outfit is nothing special, really. A basic cotton tshirt topped with a blazer, and worn with patterned shorts. What makes it really pop are the finer details. The bottoms of the shorts are rolled up for an edgier look. If that length is too short for your liking, you can always unroll the shorts and it won’t make much of a difference. For the blazer, adding a colourful pocket square makes the upper part of your outfit pop and appear more exciting. Your sunglasses can be hooked onto that pocket as well when they are not worn, instead of the collar on your shirt. Simply looks better that way. Also, if you are wearing a chain of any sort, the neck area will look too cluttered. As a side note, a simple neck chain also enhances the outfit in an effortless manner. Back to the sunglasses for a second – the style of sunglasses does not really matter as long as its somewhat minimalistic and conservative. Going too crazy with sport glasses throws off the look; but then again, style is a personal expression so use your discretion. A simple timepiece also adds more subtle detail to the outfit. Even if it is only used as an accessory, it completes any look. Beads and bracelets also work well, as long as they’re not over done. As for the shoes, you can practically wear anything. I prefer a no-sock, oxford look because it is more aesthetically pleasing – especially with shorts. Other options like boat shoes or sneakers work well too.

Finally, for the colour scheme of the outfit, I could have worn more colourful pieces, but I chose not to. It is very doable, but I personally think everything begins to look chaotic when there are too many bright conflicting colours. By wearing neutrals and subtle colours you can have your accessories stand out more so everyone can appreciate the details!





Photos taken by my brother Yahya.

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