My 5 Style Picks for November


Hey guys!

So although I’m spending the rest of this year in Asia, this Style Picks post will still focus on the North American context, which is the cold weather, layers, and all that fun stuff – because that’s where all the fun is at when it comes to dressing well!

Let’s also not forget all the great deals going on for late November because of Black Friday!

I’ve hand picked a look and few pieces that are definitely a bang-for-your-buck and guarantee you will look absolutely fantastic for the rest of fall and winter.

Let’s jump right into it!

1. Printed Chinos + extra 30% off using code: EXTRATHIRTY

2. Aldo Larewiel Boots + extra 25% off

3. Classic Crewneck Thermal + free shipping if over $30 purchase

4. Tartan Plaid Shirt

5. Firecracker Bowtie + extra 30% off using code: EXTRATHIRTY


  1. Printed  pants? Hell yeah! Stand out and look good. Some guys just aren’t comfortable enough wearing them. I understand, but honestly, give them a try! They can be dressed up or worn casually!


Style tip:

-Try wearing plain neutral tops to contrast the pattern.


  1. I haven’t been a fan of Aldo as of late, because the quality just isn’t there like it used to be unfortunately. However, these boots are actually quite durable and stylish, as well as a few other picks from their Mr.B line.

Style tip:

-Try wearing these more dressed up by rolling your pants over them, so they look like dress wingtips!


  1. A basic cotton thermal crewneck. Nothing special here. But it’s an essential for every guy. And the coolest part? SO COMFY.

Style tip:

-Try layering this over a button up for a classic layered business casual look.


  1. Plaid ain’t so bad when it’s worn right. It’s best when it’s layered under blazers or sweaters, or else you’re looking like a lumberjack (nothing wrong with that btw, chicks and dudes totally dig it). But this particular tartan plaid will work well with any look this fall and winter, it’s a staple.

Style tip:

-Try wearing this under a vneck sweater to show some plaid cleavage and look well-layered up.


5. Bowties. So hot for holiday parties. Everyone will be coming up to you saying, “dude, love the bowtie!”. Classic piece, never out of style. This particular one combines classy with fun. You can’t go wrong here.

Style tip:

-Try wearing this with your usual sweater and button up look – it’ll look great, trust me!


Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your fall, wherever  you are!

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