My 5 Style Picks for June


Hey guys!

My June picks revolve around simplicity and comfort whilst adding fun to every day looks.

Putting all the pieces together into one outfit is a possibility, but may not be your particular style or within your comfort zone. However, there is no right or wrong answer – so feel free to do as you please! This simply serves as inspiration as usual!

Without any further ado, enjoy!

1. FCUK Slim Joggers

2. All Saints Nuvos Sandal

3. Club Monaco Cheetah Print S/S shirt

4. Club Monaco Paisley Bandana

5. ASOS Wide Brim Fedora

june picks

1. Sweats. Usually regarded as the lazy choice for a pair of comfortable pants. What if I told you otherwise? Find yourself a nice pair of slim and tapered joggers that not only are flattering, but simply stylish as well.

Style tip:

-Try pin-rolling the bottom of the pant and wear with a pair of oxfords or loafers


2. Warm weather? Wearing no socks is gross and sweaty with your favorite shoe? No problem. Find yourself a stylish, leather sandal (or PU leather if you’re not a fan of real leather). Not only are they very breathable and comfortable, they serve as a stylish alternative for a pair of flip flops – oh, and they last longer.

Style tip:

-Try wearing with cuffed pants for a nonchalant and stylish vacationer look.


3. Get fierce with animal prints. They’re very exciting alternatives for floral prints if you’re not a fan of them or if you can’t find the right pattern. The cheetah or leopard print may look a bit eccentric, but it’s a flashy option that says “I know what I’m doing” and is undoubtedly stylish.

Style tip:

-Try pairing with a plain pant and plain blazer to allow the print to stand out on a plain suit.


4. Carrying a bandana around serves more than one purpose. It’s a very versatile accessory that can be worn in so many ways, while having great utility. It works as anything from a pocket square to an ascot – or even something else that you come up with. Very essential.

Style tip:

-Try throwing one into the back pocket of your trousers and ‘flowering’ it up. Adds a pop of color in an unconventional place on your outfit.


5. Wide brim fedoras have become very trendy earlier this year and the past fall and winter seasons. The good thing about them is: they can compliment literally any outfit. Sure, you might not be a ‘hat person’, but it’s worth an investment for protection from the sun, and of course – style points.

Style tip:

-Try pairing this hat with an all black outfit for a chic and clean look.


Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope to have inspired you in one way or another!

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